It's been a tough week

We've had a number of deaths on ICU recently and, closer to home, a beloved staff member.

PLEASE speak to someone you trust or if you need to speak to someone completely independent of the department you work in, there is always help out there. We are all finding these times very challenging but the effect of one person's difficulty may be completely different to the next.

Please click the thumbnail to read the full statement written by our departmental leads for wellbeing. Whatever your work background, we are all doing this job together and every individual is cared about. (I have taken the phone numbers out of this document due to this website being freely available in the public domain. Their numbers are available on CLW and on the un-edited document 'Wellbeing Statement 29th April' via the enCircle link with the usual password).

Take care of yourselves and each other gang. We are doing so well and everyone's efforts are not going unnoticed. Every last one of us is crucial to the physical and psychological functioning of the department - Keep at if you can, but if you can't, speak out, you will be supported.

Elbow bumps to all,


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